Return To The Hills of Kathmandu Music Track

2016 is TERA’s 30th Anniversary! We are celebrating in a big way as top DJ Trevor Fung (with Dan Wainwright, TJ Lawton and Melodie Forrester) has created and donated a digital MP3 music track for us to raise funds for our Nepal Fund, which provides education sponsorship for children affected by the devastating earthquakes in Nepal last year.
The track is called 'Return to the Hills of Kathmandu' and you can purchase it on iTunes here, Amazon here and Google Play here.
Huge thanks from all at
TERA to Trevor, Dan, TJ Lawton, and Melodie Forrester (who provided vocals on the track). You can view our Facebook feature about the track here.

The purchase price will buy you not only a super-cool dance track, but the knowledge that you are enabling children in Nepal to enjoy the valuable gift of education through TERA sponsorship every time a track is downloaded. And the bonus is that every penny goes to our Nepal Fund because our charity staff are all volunteers who pay their own expenses!
Please share the links with your friends who may want to help, or may even want to pass on the details to their own friends. For every 14 downloads of the track, one child in Nepal has his/her tuition fees sponsored for a whole month. You can find out more on our Facebook page and our Twitter page

Also, do look out for TERA during week beginning September 26th - eBay for Charity & PayPal Giving Fund have very kindly given us a week's shared 'featured charity' status during the Checkout process for ALL purchases on! This gives TERA the privilege of our work being highlighted to eBayers, who can help to fundraise by simply ticking a box to donate £1 quickly and easily during Checkout. Our eBay for Charity page can be found here If you are an eBayer, please make TERA one of your favourite charities by clicking on 'Save as favourite' (on the right-hand side of the page), and whenever someone buys from you they will be given the opportunity to donate £1 during their checkout process.

Thank you from all at TERA! And huge thanks again to Trevor, Dan, TJ, Melodie, and eBay for Charity & PayPal Giving Fund!

You can view our Facebook feature about the track here.


Primary Project - Sponsored Children in Nepal and India.

Tibetan Education & Relief Association's primary project remains the support, education and healthcare of children. Support and sponsorship of the 13 children in Nepal continues well, as does the sponsorship of the Indian children being supplied with equipment for attending school.

Tashi Jong.

12 children in the Tashi Jong area of Himachal Pradesh in North India are being supported. The children are of mixed ages and receive help with school uniforms, shoes, books, pens and transport. Over time there have also been donations to help individuals meet healthcare and medicine costs e.g.
treatment for TB and funding for materials to build flushing toilets improving sanitation directly helping some Indian families and fulfilling a condition set by the government.

TERA also continues to support the Tashi Jong Clinic through the provision of a salary for a nurse, maintenance, equipment and medicines not supplied by the visiting Amchi(traditional Tibetan doctor). The clinic supports both the Tibetan Refugee settlement & the local Indian community who are supplied with free medicine when they are unable to afford treatment.

Earthquake Fundraising Project.

The earthquake in Nepal in Saturday April 2015 (also known as the Gorkha earthquake) was widely reported on national news.

When the quake struck, the children had a day off school & were at home with their families. This potentially lessened the amount of casualties & deaths (500 Schools reported to have been destroyed). After the 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the people in Kathmandu were sleeping on open ground due to the continued after-shocks. Following looting many people returned to their homes, if they still had one, to protect the few possessions they still had.
Fifty percent of the people moved out of Kathmandu to return to their villages, due to the lack of food & water, continuing after-shocks with the possibility of more buildings collapsing, & the fear of disease spreading due to lack of sanitation. This meant that the aid agencies are able to supply enough food & water & other supplies to the people who remain.
Many TERA members & supporters have been in contact to find out about the well-being of the people in Nepal. Lhakpa passes on his heartfelt thanks from the bottom of his heart to all of those who have been in contact, & all of the well wishers . Despite having opportunities to leave Nepal & live in a safer environment Lhakpa wishes to reassure us, his intention is to continue with TERA’s work.

The support needed after the emergency relief work comes to an end is enormous. Lhakpa said “I’m needed here now more than ever”. His house has been structurally passed as being safe (6th May 2015), after it had suffered from some cracks from the quakes, and those TERA children whose families have lost their homes in the quakes have been re-housed. The government initially stated that they would like the Schools, Colleges & Universities to re-open by the 15th May 2015 but continuing after-shocks made this a difficult target to achieve. In October 2015 the strike on the border between India and Nepal made the situation in Nepal even more desperate - increasing shortages in fuel and everyday commodities further disrupted life and education. School buses were often unable to run and a shortage of paper delayed the printing of textbooks.
TERA director, Dr. Chrissie Coburn-Krzowska, set up a fundraising project with an initial £1,000 donation from her own money. This will be used to sponsor the education of more children in Nepal, and our aim is 100 children overall (many of whom lost relatives in their home villages & some have lost their homes in Kathmandu as well). We are co-ordinating with our Dutch counterparts to facilitate this aim, and Chrissie is in touch regularly with Lhakpa. TERA will be sending money for sponsorship throughout the year: education is widely held to be the way forward for Nepal, with the Nepali government also seeing it as the best way to rebuild the country. Huge amounts of money have been sent from aid agencies for emergency relief, however TERA's particular value is that we can help those overlooked by the main agencies but who are still in desperate need. Experience has shown us that those that shout the loudest for help are not the ones that are necessarily in the most need, and also that after an initial emergency response many of these agencies move on to the next crisis whilst there are still many long term needs to be addressed.

Recycling Project.

CD's, DVD's and Mobile Phones:

Please send us your unwanted CD's or DVD's which our treasurer can sell to raise funds.
We are also able to accept old mobile phones preferably with a chargeable battery and/or data/charging lead.


We are recycling original ink cartridges in bulk via ebay to raise funds towards supporting our children in Nepal and India.
A request for empty ink cartridges with the numbers listed below - they must be originals and have only been used once and never re-filled or tampered with. Singles or a few cartridges, or bulk lots (perhaps your workplace uses one or more of the cartridges below?) all welcome! Thank you.
HP 21, 22, 27, 28, 300, 301, 337, 343, 351 - Canon 510, 511, 526, 540, 541, 545
Epson T6037, T6031, T6039, T6034, T603C, T603B, T6035, T6032 - Epson maintenance tanks for Epson Pro

Please send to:
TERA Treasurer
4 Goad Street
LA12 0JA

Also please be aware of our Facebook Buy, Sell and Pledge page where you can advertise your own items for sale for free,
to be sold locally or by post, a donation out of your proceeds would be gratefully received.

Windhorse Newsletter.

Windhorse, our newsletter, is issued when possible on an annual basis and circulated to all donors and sponsors.
Feedback for this is positive and we plan to continue publishing the newsletter once a year.
We also have a Facebook Page with up to date information on all issues affecting TERA.

Current and past issues of Windhorse are available at the links below :

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Windhorse Issue9 2016

Windhorse Issue8 2015

Windhorse Issue7 2014

Windhorse Issue6 2012

Windhorse Issue5 2011

Windhorse Issue4 2010

Windhorse Issue3 2009

Windhorse Issue2 2008

Windhorse Issue1 2007


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TERA AGM Minutes 2017

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T.E.R.A. Trustees’ Annual Report for the year ended 31 March 2017

T.E.R.A. Trustees’ Annual Report for the year ended 31 March 2016

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