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2017 Chrissie (Chairperson) and David (Newsletter Editor) visited India for one month to collect updates about the sponsored children and our Representative (Lama Thapchok). They reported back that as the Indian Government had started taking responsibility for the cost of school uniforms and school equipment for students, T.E.R.A. could apply its efforts elsewhere (without our sponsorship of uniforms and equipment, the poorest children wouldn't have been able to attend school at all). The best way forward was to develop our sponsorship to support whole families instead of individual children. Chrissie & David visited the local families to take photos and learn about their lives, and subsequently we were able to offer sponsorship for 11 families (which is still ongoing). To help us with updates from the sponsored families, we also sponsored Kulbhushan as assistant to Lama Thapchok - Kulbhushan was sponsored for many years by T.E.R.A. so he was the perfect choice as he is already familiar with our work.

His Eminence Khamtrul Rinpoche (head of the monastery at Tashi Jong) kindly received and signed for £1000 donated on behalf of T.E.R.A. for our Tibetan Drokpa community project. We heard that the school and clinic are running well, and the donation will make a huge difference to the lives of those in the Drokpa families.

In Nepal, T.E.R.A. increased its sponsorship to 15 children in schools around the Kathmandu area. Lhakpa, our T.E.R.A. Representative and Ritu (his wife) were honoured with an award for their voluntary community work following the earthquakes in 2015. Local elections took place for the first time in 20 years, making it an historic time for the Nepalese people.

marked T.E.R.A.’s 30th anniversary!! We celebrated with the release of an MP3 music track - “Return to the Hills of Kathmandu” - written for, and donated to T.E.R.A. by top DJ Trevor Fung and friends – downloadable at: Amazon, Google Play Music and iTunes.

Initially sponsoring Tibetan refugees with their children’s education (1986), the charity then expanded into its present form of also assisting Himalayan communities. This could not have been achieved without all the volunteer executive members, representatives in Nepal & India, sponsors, friends & supporters over the years who were committed in supporting the aims of the charity. Ultimately giving their time, money, & energy to help others less fortunate. 30 years of charitable work is a phenomenal achievement for such a small charity!

We continued to support 70 Drokpa families in the Autonomous Region of Tibet, and our 2015 Earthquake Relief fund was re-allocated to our pooled education sponsorship fund after the Nepali Government declared education to be the best way forward for Nepal after the devastating earthquakes of 2015.

Due to the change in the exchange rate (after the 'Brexit' referendum), rates for Indian and Nepali Rupees fell by approx. 16% and this negatively impacted our sponsorship as we send money to Nepal and India every year, so a downward change in exchange rates means our sponsorship money - your donations - doesn't go as far.

A year after the earthquakes of 2015, Nepal was still slowly recovering from the devastation and Lhakpa and some of the sponsored children sent us moving letters about the terrors of the first quake hitting them in April 2015. Read more in our Windhorse 2016.

The first Happy Home Children 1986

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