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2016 is TERA’s 30th Anniversary! and we are able to celebrate in a big way as the top DJ Trevor Fung (with Dan Wainwright) has created and donated a digital MP3 music track – Return to the Hills of Kathmandu - to TERA, for us to sell on sites such as iTunes and Amazon, with all proceeds going to our Nepal Fund. Huge thanks from all at TERA to Trevor, Dan, TJ Lawton, and Melodie Forester (who provided vocals on the track). To purchase the track, please come back to our Current Projects page(late September 2016) for when we update it with our ‘Return to the Hills of Kathmandu’ feature and store links! . COMING SOON!

2016 marks the 30th anniversary of the foundation of TERA and the initial sponsoring of the first twelve Happy Home children.
TERA continues to support 13 children in schools around the Kathmandu area of Nepal, 12 Children in India and 70 drokpa familes and their children in Tibet.

The first Happy Home Children 1986

Windhorse, our newsletter, is issued when possible on an annual basis, this provides information regarding recent history since 2007.

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